MINGFONG Production

We are specialized in developing the website. We do custom web design, web development, graphic design, SEO, corporate branding, website maintenance, and web copywriting services.

Therefore, we provide powerful, cost-effective website and graphic design solutions for you, and help you develop all sorts of websites such as company website, online shop, forum platform and photo management system. We truly understand your website design requirements and proceed only after we completely understand your business needs. We can focus on User-Centered Design and create a multimedia website for you which could include motion design, videos, and audio platform.

We listen and give you pointers on where to improve, identify who your customers are and then deliver a focused design and website maintenance solution in order to keep updating your website. Regardless of if you have a small or large website.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. We achieve our goal with a combination of internet expertise, product excellence, and proactive, ongoing, client-oriented customer service. We are not just designed that looks impressive, but web design that actually draws the attention of its target audience and communicates in a manner to which they respond.



我們傾聽並指出您需要改進的地方,確定您的客戶是誰,然後提供專注的設計和網站維護解決方案,以便不斷更新您的網站。無論您是小型還是大型網站。 我們的目標是讓客戶滿意。我們通過結合互聯網專業知識,卓越產品以及積極主動,持續的,以客戶為導向的客戶服務來實現我們的目標。我們不僅設計看起來令人印象深刻,而且網頁設計實際上吸引了目標受眾的注意力,並以他們回應的方式進行溝通。